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🏗 Why Build Runway?

The way we look at financials today hasn't changed in over half a millennium. It doesn't just predate computing, it actually predates the popularization of negative numbers. We truly feel that there is an opportunity for a rethink.

🛫 What is Runway?

Runway is a SaaS product that helps you and your team understand your business so you can make better decisions together. Unlike other financial software, Runway is designed to be a consumer-grade product for normal people who aren't accountants, and is fast, intuitive, and social.

Runway reinvents how business financials are presented through modern design and engineering. By bringing clarity, power, and speed to financial data, we help every team become more aligned on the entire business so they can collaborate to make better decisions, faster.

🧮 Problems Runway is Solving

Problem 1: Today, valuable financial data are trapped inside Excel, QuickBooks, NetSuite across the finance team, so it can take days to get any meaningful insight from financial data.

Problem 2: With financial data and insights pulled manually, strewn across dozens of Excel files and Google Sheets, teams don't have a consistent view of the business and where it's going.

🤑 Our Investors

We're well funded with over a decade of runway by a select group of investors that we admire, including Garry Tan (Initialized), Soleio Cuervo (Combine), Andreessen Horowitz, Elad Gil, Naval, Dylan Field (CEO of Figma) and Henry Ward (CEO of Carta).

👩‍💻 Working at Runway

We are a fast-growing team of passionate, humble, brilliant, and diverse people, with collective experience in finance, social, b2b, and building successful companies. Every person at Runway raises the bar—and we're so excited for you to continue that tradition. 📶

We're remote-first—you can work from anywhere in the 🌎 —with a flexible work schedule. We strive to be clear in our communication and over-communicate by default.

We're early, so you'll have an opportunity to shape not just our product, but the company itself; who we work with, and how we work together.

Be sure to check out ✨ Our Values below the team pics and see if they align with yours.