Connection to Scaling: To scale, Kidogo will need to partner with locally established organizations. These organizations like Me to We will act as industry facilitators to help Kidogo as they expand. Kidogo will also need new streams of revenue to help create sustainable income for the mamapreneurs and allow them to offer affordable ECDs. Me to We's social entrepreneurship model is exemplary at creating sustainability in developing countries and we recommend partnering with them.

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  1. Overview
  2. Case Study
  3. Action Plan


Case Study

Action Plan


"Create a future for ECD communities where they are empowered and have the resources and knowledge to continue developing sustainably."

1. Creating the Kidogo Sustainable Development Model.

We recommend adopting a sustainable development model similar to WE's or partnering with WE under the education pillar.

There are many interconnected barriers to access to early childhood development programs like Kidogo's. You could have all the centers but children can't attend because of lack of money, trouble getting there, etc. Creating a sustainable development model or partnering with WE on the education pillar will help address these barriers simultaneously with proving ECD programs within a region.

The first step to this is proposing a partnership with WE Charity. Adara can intro you to several people there and help with the relationships here. We believe that Kidogo's work aligns closely with WE's and they would be open to this partnership. Here's a sample pitch deck to WE Charity on this partnership for industry facilitating and sustainable development.

2. Social Entrepreneurship For Additional Revenue + Empowerment.