I. Software Setup

Each of the Allan Slaight Radio Institute Control Rooms has the ability to record multiple discrete tracks using Pro Tools software on the installed MacMini computer. By recording isolated tracks (ISOs), you will have the flexibility to more easily edit and mix your sources separately after the initial recording session.

  1. Boot up and login to the MacMini and launch Pro Tools.

  2. When the Pro Tools Dashboard opens, click ‘Cancel’ to close the window and navigate to Setup > Playback Engine. Ensure the Playback Engine is set to ‘Dante Virtual Soundcard’.


  3. Navigate to File > Create New… to create a new session. Give your project a name and review the session settings.

    In the “IO Settings” drop-down, ensure that ‘CR# DANTE ISO RECORD’ is selected. This will ensure that inputs in Pro Tools are routed and labelled correctly according to their connected devices.


  4. Navigate to Track > New… and create a track for each of the sources you wish to record.

    <aside> ⚠️ Always create MONO tracks for individual microphones and STEREO tracks for stereo sources (e.g. Mixer Program Bus; CR Mini input).


  5. Label your tracks by double-clicking on the Track name. This will help with file organization.

  6. In the ‘I/O’ section of the Mix or Edit window, verify the input source for each of the tracks to be recorded by clicking on the (upper) track input selector. If necessary, change these to the actual mic/source in use (e.g. CR MIC 1 for Control Room Mic 1; IR MIC 1 for Interview Room Mic #1; STUDER/AEQ PGM for the stereo program mix).


  7. Record-enable all tracks; verify input signal and levels; and begin recording when ready by clicking the master RECORD button, followed by the PLAY button on the Pro Tools transport.

II. Record/Playback Monitoring

All monitoring should be done via the radio console. Ensure any source channels being recorded are turned ON with their respective faders raised.

<aside> ⚠️ DO NOT raise the “Mac1/2” channel fader while recording. Doing so will introduce a doubling of the recorded signals with additional latency and possible feedback in the monitors, as you will be hearing both the individual mics and the Pro Tools recorded output mixed together.


To monitor and playback recorded audio from Pro Tools after a recording is complete:

  1. Ensure all Pro Tools tracks are no longer record-enabled. It is easy to create audible feedback if this step is not taken before reviewing playback.
  2. After verifying that Pro Tools tracks are no longer record-enabled, turn ON and raise the mixer fader for input “Mac 1/2”, and turn OFF all source (i.e. Microphone) channels.
  3. Use the Pro Tools software controls to commence playback and edit/solo/mute individual channels as required.

As always, be sure to properly backup your entire Pro Tools project folder, including all associated media files, to your own personal external or cloud-based storage device (e.g. Google Drive), before leaving the studio.