If there is a heaven, it must be what a library looks like. Where information circulates freely, books are published freely, and people discuss freely with each other.

The right to produce, disseminate and distribute information should not be in the hands of any data and Internet dictators, it is a fundamental right that belongs to digital human beings.

We all realize that the Internet is still far from ideal, so if you are willing to make some changes to it, come along with us. 🌍

Who we are

At Natural Selection Labs, We are dedicated to creating an internet that supports the free flow of information online.

All our work is open-source on GitHub: https://github.com/NaturalSelectionLabs

We believe in the basic right of internet users to create, disseminate and distribute information away from the stronghold of centralized governing systems.

We are a globally distributed organization: all our members work remotely from different countries, including the US, Japan, New Zealand, the UK, and China. We promote flexible working hours, so both early birds and night owls are welcome!

Our team is equal, open, and free. Since our establishment, we have made tremendous progress and are incredibly proud of the team culture and atmosphere that teammates experience in our organization.

We have all-star backers such as Coinshares Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, and Balaji Srinivasan to support us in expanding our decentralized webfeed and content distribution protocol. We also launched our $RSS3 auction in February and are eager to explore new journeys with more like-minded partners. Thus, we have more than sufficient ability to offer opportunities to talented individuals who meet our expectations.

What we do


RSS3 is a next-generation feed protocol that powers decentralized social, content, and e-commerce applications.

Homepage: https://rss3.io





Crossbell is a platform for owning your social activities, composed of an EVM-compatible blockchain and a set of smart contracts.

Homepage: https://crossbell.io