With Ronsley & Rossco 👋

AI Mistakes People Must Avoid!

  1. Not using it or ignoring it! (A competitor using it will eat your lunch)
  2. Thinking it ONLY produces mediocre output! (mediocre in = mediocre out)
  3. Thinking you’re not the “tech person” so you can’t do it. (do the reps & grow up princess 😝)

OpenAI’s ChatGPT what is it?

🤖 ChatGPT is like a super smart robot librarian that can answer any question you have.

You can use those answers to pump out copy, research and TONS of other things! It’s mostly going to help you with writing and research!

Three Quick Wins With AI

  1. Rewrite Profitable Copy and Profit Again 💰💰💰
  2. Research Rockstar For Rockstar Content 🤘