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<aside> 👉 TL;DR We are building software that helps food companies get to zero emissions We just raised our €2.5m pre-seed round to bring our product to the next level ****We are hiring our first 10 employees - skip directly to the Open Roles to apply!


We recently talked with our angel investor Mengting Gao (Founder & CEO of Kitchen Stories) about what we aim to achieve and what it means to be one of the first 10 employees! 🎙 🥰

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🌎 What we do 🌎

At Root, we build software that helps food brands get to zero emissions.

31% of global greenhouse gas emissions originate from food-related activities. For the first time in history, enterprises are mandated by regulatory bodies to disclose their climate performance. This leads to increasing pressure from investors, competitors, retailers, and consumers to actually prevent and reduce their CO2e emissions. Over the next 10 years, companies have set ambitious reduction targets that need to be met.

Root is on a mission to build the most complete data set on the greenhouse gas emissions of the global food industry - from CPG brands and retailers to food processors and growers. We do that by helping our customers identify, collect, and centralise activity data across their supply chains, which we combine with the most up-to-date emission factor data sets to model each company’s and product’s environmental footprint. Like this, companies do not only measure and disclose their climate footprint, but they also identify and act upon individual emission hotspots across their supply chains.

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