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We build software that helps companies along the food system get to Net Zero. We recently raised €2.5m pre-seed round to build the first version of our carbon OS and win first customers (old story, we are 1 year further now 👀 ) ****> We are still expanding our team - skip directly to the Open Roles to apply!


🌎 What we do 🌎

At Root, we build software that helps companies along the food system get to Net Zero.

~31% of global greenhouse gas emissions originate from food-related activities. For the first time in history, climate performance has become an overall business performance indicator. Enterprises are mandated by regulatory bodies to disclose their climate performance, which leads to increasing pressure from investors, competitors, retailers, and consumers to prevent and reduce their CO2e emissions. Over the next 10 years, companies have set ambitious reduction targets that need to be met.

Our Manifesto

🙌  Be one of our first 20 employees 🙌

We recently raised a €2.5m pre-seed round, led by Project A. We are at the very beginning of our journey with exciting challenges ahead - on all fronts. As one of our first 10 employees, you will get the chance to shape foundational company decisions from scratch: product, tech stack, hiring, brand, company culture, etc.

Joining so early can be scary - but also highly rewarding. This could become the most exciting time in your career. This is your opportunity to shape a generational company.

Why being employee #1-20 is really unique