Based on online medium

  1. Social users (More than 50% of the world is now using social media): These are the users who depend on internet content for all their media consumption. These users prefer getting content and news from social media links. These users are most reactive to content which is shared by close relatives and friends rather than a random source. This can be further classified as:

    1. Heavy mobile first users: More than 51% of global website traffic was generated on mobile phones in 2019. As attention spans are decreasing, which is leading to new trends like TLDR versions. (
      • 99% social media users access using mobile.
    2. Mobile + Other digital users: There has been increase in voice search, with top 3 countries being India, Indonesia, and China.

  2. Direct Users: These are the users who prefer using specific websites and apps rather than a social media platform or search engine for getting information.

  3. Brands: Now it is possible to reach more than 1 billion people on Instagram through ads. LinkedIn crossed 700 million global users, growing more than 25 million over the last three months, as of July 2020.

Based on age/generations

  1. Generation Z (16-24)
  2. Millennials (25-34)
  3. Generation X (35-44)
  4. Baby Boomers (45-54)
  5. Matures (55+)