<aside> 👋 Hey there! Welcome to Camp Socials Seeding Communities Session 1. We have 10K in funding available. Are you a part of an existing community or looking to create one? We decided that the best way for us to support strengthening communities would be to directly reward folks for hosting their “socials” on camp.social. Socials are IRL or digital gatherings, these can be events, project work sessions, family catch ups, faith groups, a dining group.

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There are two ways to win cash rewards.

  1. INDIVIDUAL: Earn spirit points by self organizing with communities, on Camp Social. The 5 individuals with the top earned spirit points earned per guidelines will be awarded for their contributions as an individual.
  2. COMMUNITY: All Camps that hit a minimum activation level get entered in a 1K grant raffle, 5 camps will win 1k for camp treasury. </aside>

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🤔 How It Works

Important Dates:

Feb 24, 2023: Registration Opens

Feb 27, 2023: Seeding Community Session 1 begins (start earning spirit points)

May 13, 2023: Seeding Community Session 1 ends (you can keep earning SP but they won't be counted in Session 1) May 13- May 20, 2023: Complete the feedback form.*

May 21, 2023: Winners announced, 10K distributed.