The result of this test task won't be included in any game or other product. It is used solely to evaluate the artist's skillset. Rely on your taste for everything that is not explicitly required in the description below. Feel free to use the result as you see fit, including showcasing it in your portfolio.

Create a character in a casual style. Export: PNG. Background color**:** #5E5E5E, or white. Canvas size**:** 1500х2000px, but better use twice as big size.

The final result should be a complete render. But if you add work-in-progress sketches at different stages of completion would be beneficial.

The similar characters can be later used in either a full-height on a smaller size canvas or as a half-portrait on a bigger size canvas in the game. The angle should be 3/4, and the head can be turned anywhere depending on the composition.

Please, pay attention to the typical casual art color scheme – bright colors, clean silhouette, volume, and shape. Avoid needless details - each item, accessory, or clothes should complement the character. It is important to summarize and stylize the details while maintaining the personality and style of the character.

The scale of details and volumes needs to be large enough to be readable in any size so that the character reads well from a distance. The lighting is warm and sunny.

Character description (choose one)

The character is one of the traveling fair troupe. In a stage costume, but old and patched, because things are not going as smoothly as he would like. He has one of the following items:

List of characters: