RociFi is an under-collateralised and capital-efficient DeFi lending protocol on Polygon that allows borrowers to take fixed-term fixed-rate stablecoin loans with reduced collateral while gives lenders the possibility to earn interest from depositing their assets into lending pools.

This portal serves as comprehensive guide to the protocol. Each chapter breaks down the fundamentals of the protocol and links to key resources. For any other queries or support please join the discussion on the Rocifi community in Discord or Telegram. We look forward to helping you!


About RociFi


RociFi V2 vs V1: Key Differences

User guides

Credit Scoring

The NFCS token

For Borrowers

Borrowing & Repaying

Loan terms & pool configurations

Repayment Requirements and Liquidations

Collateral Management

Loan Monitoring and Statuses

For Lenders

Deposits & Withdrawals

Debt token pricing

Additional Information