I wrote this not to spread anger, but because I want people to understand the entire story. I want members of the community to rethink who they are choosing to support and defend. I do not condone witchhunting, and I strongly discourage anyone reading this from personally attacking Vysuals or anyone else involved. A person's poor behavior is not justification for harassment or bullying.

The GDQ Hotfix

Most people know that Vysuals opened AGDQ2019 and that it went really well. Later, in December 2019, the Hollow Knight community was chosen to participate in the GDQ Hotfix Community Spotlight. In this event, we had several different runs, including a True Ending No Major Glitches race which was supposed to involve Skurry and Vysuals.

On December 8th, 2019, Vysuals received an email from the GDQ Hotfix team informing him that he would not be allowed to participate in the race. The initial reasoning they gave was vague — "bigotry." When Vysuals asked for clarification, they allegedly responded that he made "transphobic statements." [1] Several members of the community, including myself, jumped to his defense. I didn't think Vysuals was transphobic, and I'd never heard him make such statements. Vysuals called the claim "insane," stating elsewhere that "he has no bigoted views."

Following up on this, Vysuals made a tweet. [2] It's important to look at this statement closely. If you do, you'll find that he's apologizing for the "very stupid stuff" he's said in the past, whilst simultaneously expressing confusion and bewilderment at the idea that he ever said anything wrong in the first place. Vysuals intentionally used language stating that he was banned for what they thought he did to imply that the only plausible reason he could have been banned is due to a misunderstanding on their end, not due to any of his actions. Furthermore, he twists the narrative into this being a "classic GDQ moment" despite admitting to poor language in the past.

Upon digging through his Twitter, however, people found that he did make some extremely distasteful tweets directed towards people who state preferred pronouns. [3] Now, if he made posts like this, how could he honestly imply that a trans-inclusive environment such as GDQ, which was moving to include pronouns on their overlays at the time, had no reason to exclude him from their event? Vysuals also had at least one deleted post making use of the word "tranny" which was from further in the past. While I don't think people should necessarily be held accountable for things they said so long ago, it shouldn't be confusing to him why GDQ wouldn't accept that.

Vysuals apologized for making those tweets, but that doesn't take away from the fact that he acted dismissive and confused about the ban until people dug into his Twitter history. Had people never done so, he certainly would have maintained the narrative that it was simply an unjustified ban by GDQ. At this point, I felt betrayed in the trust that I placed in him, specifically due to the way the he manipulated the narrative in an attempt to appear innocent when he clearly was not.

To this day, when the topic is brought up, [4] he simply states "GDQ said [the ban] was for transphobic statements," but "everyone knows I'm not transphobic" and he leaves it at that, pretending he never made those statements in the past. He knows he made those tweets, but he'd rather steer the conversation to something that paints him in a more positive light rather than being honest about the situation. If he were being honest, he would admit to acting in ways which prompted the ban instead of continuing to act confused.

SGDQ 2020

The plan for this event was to do a three way race including myself, PestilentBox2, and Vysuals. We submitted initially before SGDQ's cancellation due to the pandemic, and both mine and PestilentBox2's submissions were reviewed and given the "Publicly Visible" status.

After a couple weeks, Vysuals expressed concern that his submission, and his alone, was not Publicly Visible, whereas everyone else's was. [5] All of us suspected that his submission was receiving some additional review due to what happened at the GDQ Hotfix. We never discovered for certain why this happened, as the submissions were wiped and runners had to create submissions again for SGDQ 2020, since it became an online event.