<aside> 🗺️ A collaborative walking tour of artists, activists and scholars to explore the intersections of financialization, colonialism and extraction in Toronto's financial district. Organized by RiVAL and WalkingLab




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Project overview

Toronto’s Financial District, built on stolen Haudenosaunee and Mississauga lands, is home to many ghosts, notably those dispossessed by the global extractive industry headquartered on the city’s infamous Bay Street. The violence of (neo)colonialism haunts the corporate towers and cleansed streets of the financial district; it also haunts the pensions and savings of millions of Canadians who, knowingly or not, are invested in the industry via the neighbourhood’s preeminent financial institutions.

This glass, metal and concrete zone is a reactor of the imagination, where the abstract codes of global finance fuse with the settler colonial logics of racialized extraction and neoliberal capitalism. But what else might the imagination generate if we assembled ourselves otherwise? What resilient pasts, rebellious presents, and radical futures flow beneath the surface, ready to erupt? How can we imagine and enact the complex solidarities we need to overturn the financialized global order of deadly inequalities and the fascistic spectres it unleashes?

The walking tour wove its way through the financial district with pop-up lectures, performances, and interventions at various stops along the route including the RBC Royal Bank, TD Bank Tower and Plaza, First Canadian Place and the Toronto Stock Exchange, the Fairmont Royal York Hotel and Union Station.

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Self-guided walking tour

To take the tour, we recommend loading this Google Map onto your phone and using the Soundcloud app or website to play the audio at each stop.

Specific links to the audio are in the description of each location in the Google Map.

📀 You can also download the audio files to your offline playback device by clicking the three dots to the left of each track on Soundcloud.

🗺You can download and print a PDF of the map


Google Map

The Bank, The Mine, The Colony, The Crime self-guided walking tour - Google My Maps


Soundcloud audio

The Bank, the Mine, the Colony, the Crime - A walking tour of Toronto's Bay Street by The ReImagining Value Action Lab