This project, a collaboration between Clea Bourne (Goldsmiths), Max Haiven (Lakehead), Paul Gilbert (Sussex) and Johnna Montgomerie (King's College London) is a groundbreaking series of conferences and publications exploring the intersections of financialization, imperialism, racialization and capitalism.


Edited collection Imagining the Unseen: 20 Pictures of Debt’s Empire from Manchester University Press, 2021.

This book, written for use in a wide variety of post-secondary classrooms, is the first of its kind: driven by an investigation of poignant images over 25 scholars from around the world provide short, readable essays exploring the connections between debt, empire, capitalism, racialization, historically and in the present day.

Under contract with Manchester University Press for publication in late 2021.

Special issue of Journal of Cultural Economy "Finance Capital and the Ghosts of Empire," 2021.

Emerging and established scholars address a vital absence in the field of critical finance/financialization studies: keen attention to the entanglements of money, race, power, empire, colonialism and debt. The overarching approach is a critical interdisciplinary hauntology: the ways in which structural violences of the past haunt and reproduce themselves in the present, often in unexpected or invisiblized ways.


Symposium: Finance Capital and the Ghosts of Empire, University of Sussex, 5-6 April 2019.

Focus section of Discover Society: “Colonial Debts, Extractive Nostalgias, Imperial Insolvencies” (short scholarly articles), September 2018

Symposium: “Colonial Debts, Extractive Nostalgias, Imperial Insolvencies,” Goldsmiths University, 22-23 September 2017