Hello there! Welcome to my repository of principles and tactics to enhance the UX of digital products. Feel free to read them, use them, copy them and tweak them to suit your own challenges.

Product Principles

This set of principles focuses on the end result. Teams should check the different iterations with the product against these principles and tactics to identify where the product is falling short.


The product should never confuse the user. On the contrary, it should be eloquent at stating how to interact with it, making the user feel in the driver's seat.


Just Enough Friction

A meaningful user experience is honest with the user. It provides guidance as to the capabilities the user can leverage, but also makes sure the user does not run on autopilot when important decisions need to be made.


Meaning and Purpose

A digital product is the conglomeration of design decisions that have an impact in the user experience. Every decision should have a business or user need rationale behind, to make the product meaningful, purposeful, and valuable