🎯 The Goal

Help citizens of large cities find a new place and relocate to smaller cities with considering their primary needs like keeping their job, school, and quiet place for online meetings.

Countries goal

Most countries want people to migrate to small cities to fight overpopulation from urban areas that may cause extreme traffic and poor health conditions.

User goal

The primary user who would want to use this app will be people who are in white-collar jobs, tech jobs, and any people who can work remotely.

They are looking for smaller cities to leave in so that they can reduce their cost of living, have a healthier lifestyle, calmer, and relaxing environment.

Even if countries want their citizen to migrate to smaller cities – a lot of them choose to go to urban areas because of job opportunities thus this is not useful for blue-collar jobs and jobs that require them to stay in the place.

🤔 Process

This section takes a deep dive into understanding the user (Jennie) by forming user stories, the user journey and thus the app requirement.

User Stories (Jennie)

User pain points

User journey