1. Click on your Profile Icon in the lower left-hand corner of the screen
  2. Click Availability.
  3. Click Add New (top right button).
  4. Select your desired availability based on location, dates, time slots, and days of the week.
  5. Configure which appointment type each availability is set for.

When students are scheduling appointments with you, they will only be able to make an appointment during your availability.

Linking your Google or Outlook calendar is also a great way to support real-time conflict detection since Retain will additional validate against any Busy appointments that you might have on your external calendar.

<aside> 🏖️ Location Preference - Your user availability allows you to define your preference of how the meeting will take place. The current options are: Remote - The meeting will assume to take place in a remote / virtual setting. If you have connected your Zoom account, a meeting link will be automatically created. In Person - The meeting will occur at a physical location Both - The meeting will support either a virtual or in-person setting. This option allows students booking an appointment with you to choose their preference.



Appointment Window:

This is where you can configure how many hours in advance a student can book an appointment with you.


Appointment Scheduling Message:

You'll have the option to add a message that will be included in any appointment related email confirmation to the student. This message will apply to all appointment types that you have availability for.