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Instructions Set

  1. If you are having issues with your RenBridge Transaction, input one of the following transaction details:

    1. 'The transaction hash for the transaction you made to the deposit address'

      1. Eg. BTC, FIL, LUNA, etc TX Hash. This applies to any asset Ren supports.


    2. The RenVM deposit address. Where you sent coins to (also known as the Gateway address).

    3. The transaction hash for the confirmed burn transaction you made to release your assets.

  2. Once you've found your relevant transaction, you can click: "Load additional details" to see if the asset has arrived or if it's still pending.

  3. If the transaction to the deposit gateway has been confirmed but not minted, then you will be able to trigger it by:

    1. Connect wallet
    2. Click 'Submit'
    3. Then submit your transaction through the wallet software you connected with (MetaMask, Phantom etc.)
  4. Sign the relevant wallet transaction to pay for GAS on the destination chain

    1. You will have to have GAS funds in the wallet you use (on the destination chain).
  5. Once the transaction has been submitted and mined/validated, the assets will show up in your wallet after the confirmations times have been completed. Please wait a few minutes, as this can take up to 15 minutes on some L1's

Thanks for using RenBridge, if you are still having issues, please fill out this form with a working email address and you will be emailed with the next steps.

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Ren is an open protocol that enables the movement of value between blockchains.

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