Congratulations, your family is growing! At Remote, we want to support you, your family and your Remote team throughout your parental leave. To do so, use this guide to prepare for your upcoming leave. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to or directly to @Amanda Day, our People Partner: Enablement.

Our Parental Leave policy is included in our [people] Personal time off page. This page is specifically to guide you through the process prior to your leave beginning and upon your return.

Before your leave begins

  1. Share the news

As mentioned in our Parental Leave policy, please send an email to and cc your manager with the date you expect your leave to start, and the date you expect to return. We recommend sending this email 2-3 months prior to your anticipated leave start date.

  1. Plan your transition for leave

Work directly with your manager to transition work about 2 months prior to your leave start date. Below are key pieces to keep in mind when planning the coverage of work:

To cover all of the above, we recommend creating a Leave Plan document which shares your expected leave timeline, all coverage information and necessary context.