At Remote, we value our differences, want to ensure all individuals have equal opportunities, and feel a sense of belonging within our organization.

Encouraging Belonging

Inclusive language Guidelines

Here are some guidelines on inclusive language. There are a few rules you can follow, the most important is "when in doubt, ask". Identity is personal and different people may prefer to be addressed in different ways. Please always try to use people-first language and avoid labels, be kind and affirming.

Remove Ableist Language, for example: "crazy", "dumb", “lame”. Careless words can shame someone on the receiving end of your message—no matter your intention, even if not directed at them.

Phase out gender specific language, unless you know what the person/ people identify as.

Anyone can contribute to the table below and we appreciate folks who do:

Cultural inclusion

Share something here about your culture, customs and unique things about the area of the world you live in. Helping us all learn about different parts of the world is an awesome thing.

We also have the #s-my-world slack channel, whereby we share experiences (cultural and daily life) with all our colleagues. This is a great way to see whats happening in someone else’s life and culture and learn more about their world.

Resources to help educate ourselves and others

Here are a few resources you can watch, listen to or read. We would also love further contributions to this, we encourage you to add some: