"Welcome to Not-Together Time."

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Realtime (Sync) meetings on Zoom/Slack are good for SOME things, like socializing and team bonding. There are also sensitive situations that need a face-to-face interaction (emergencies, alignment, separations). But Remote is a global company with people in many time zones. This makes sync meetings/huddles inefficient for routine work. The person you need could be asleep or enjoying down time. If we waited for syncs to decide or act, we would be too slow to be competitive. The answer is to avoid sync methods for most work and use asynchronous work methods instead.

What is asynchronous work?

Asynchronous work is the stuff you do at your own pace and order, not during a meeting or huddle. This amount of freedom can be daunting. We need everyone even, swift, and nimble; in other words, able to get the right things done without waiting for others. Async methods help you focus on, document, and communicate this work to the team. We've broken our best practices into three parts - Multiplexing, Communication, and Action

Buzzbee Barkley, 1935, definitely not async.

Buzzbee Barkley, 1935, definitely not async.


Async work is a way to organize how to get stuff done with less interruption and higher efficiency based on a few ideas:

This is inspired in the Toyota Production System 3Ms methodology; more information about that here.