Notion 2.42: Introducing Notion Sites

Build a Notion Site in minutes

Launching a website should be easy—not a task that requires yet another tool! So we turned Notion’s one-click “Publish“ button into a full suite of features called Notion Sites. I’m already seeing people create company homepages, job boards, and even entire help centers.


Connect your own domain or use a custom URL (I put my photography on 😊).


Make it yours

You can now customize your top header, choose a light or dark theme, and add the perfect favicon.

theme v1

Build your audience with SEO and Google Analytics

Just because you built it doesn’t mean they’ll come. Add custom metadata to make your site easier to find on search engines. Then, integrate with Google Analytics to track all of your new visitors.


Coming soon Charts! (We know you’ve been waiting)

We love charts. They turn data into a story. Soon you’ll be able to create bar charts, line charts, and donut charts to visualize progress. Use them for anything you track in Notion: projects, OKRs, sales pipeline, and more. Charts will launch in the coming weeks. They’ll be free to try, with unlimited charts available on the Plus, Business, and Enterprise plans.


Quality of life improvements

  • Easier commenting: You can now right-click on a database entry and add a comment without having to actually open it to a full-page view.

  • Better “find”: Cmd+f can now find hidden content in collapsed toggles or within databases. It also does elegant things like closes automatically when you start to edit or navigate to a new page.

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