September 17, 2018


  • More Powerful Relations + Rollups 🎉
    The new relation menu is a compact table view, allowing you to see properties without navigating. Also, the menu can support many more related records without breaking a sweat.

    The new ✨Rollup ✨ property type allows you to show properties of related records and perform simple calculations on them.
    For example, you could show the status of a related roadmap item:

    We now require you to select a database when creating a relation. All existing relations that did not select a database will be migrated to a text column, and the relations will turn into @-mentions of pages.
    If your relation got converted into text, you have two options: leave it as text (you can still click the @mentions and use it like a relation), or turn it into a relation and select a database. If you do this, any property values not in that database will be removed.

  • Page & Database Lock 🔒
    You can now lock pages to prevent accidental edits, and lock databases to prevent property and view edits.

    Pro Tip: Quickly unlock and re-lock page or database by clicking the lock indicator in the topbar.

  • New Code Block Languages
    We've added many more languages for our code block, as well as a search input so you can quickly find the language you want.

  • Improved Board Hidden Columns
    When you click a hidden column, we now show a popup, allowing you to quickly search and manipulate records without un-hiding the column.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Fix a bug where spellcheck corrections wouldn't work in Chrome on Windows 10.

  • Fixed copy-pasting nested lists out of Notion into Markdown.

  • Better Notion for Android back button behavior when opening from another app.

  • iOS app sometimes had a lingering badge number when there were no unread notifications.

  • Middle-mouse scrolling behavior on Windows works more reliably.

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