July 11, 2018


  • Permission Groups 🐶🦊🐼
    Sharing pages with a large team can be painful if you have to invite everyone one at a time. Now you can create permission groups within your team, allowing you to share with many people at once. (Go to your left sidebar → Setting & Members → Members → Groups)

  • Inline Comments 💬✂️

    We've crafted a new and improved commenting experience. You can now comment on text within a block, read through resolved comments, and reply quickly through the updates menu!

    Just select some text and create a comment.

    And you can reply and resolve right from the "All Updates" menu directly!

  • Captions 📝
    Add captions to embed blocks, images, bookmark blocks, and files.

  • Security Settings 🔐
    We added new security settings that allow you to lock down your workspace and prevent your members from leaking information out. This feature is only available for paying customers.

  • Block author info 👀
    You can now view the creator and last editor of any block right from the block menu.

  • Landscape mode on iOS and Android app 🎢

    Many of you have been asking us for this! You can finally use the landscape mode on your mobile device.

  • Show Deleted Pages 🗑
    We added a shortcut in every page's menu to quickly show deleted pages within that page.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Clicking the plus button in the sidebar on the task board opens peek view to quickly make a new task without losing context.

  • If you make edits to a template, it will offer to save your edits when you try to close or accept.

  • Creating a hyperlink moves cursor to the end making it easier to type without leaving the keyboard.

  • Pasting links with underscores are no longer interpreted as markdown.

  • Desktop zoom doesn't reset when you refresh.

  • Double-clicking on the topbar in the Desktop app maximizes the window.

  • Improved Asana import.

  • ••• menu shows on mobile next to breadcrumb block so you can delete it.

  • Android app now is more consistent with Google Material design conventions.

  • .... so many more 🙄

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