May 11, 2018

Features & Improvements

  • Updated pricing – introducing the Personal plan!
    Notion finally has a Personal Plan – a cheaper way to use Notion by yourself.
    We are also introducing discounted yearly billing, in addition to the monthly billing currently offered.
    If you're already a customer, nothing will change. You will still be paying the same amount that you pay now.
    It's a big change - we would love to hear your feedback (message us in the app).

  • Reminders and inline dates! ⏰

    You ask and we build. Notion now has reminders on dates. You can insert reminder in text using an @-mention...

    ...or put it on date property in tables or boards.

    You will receive a notification on your phone or desktop app if reminder is over due.

  • One-click export ⚽️
    That's a new tool that allows you to export your entire workspace in one click (in Markdown). You can find it in the space settings menu.

  • Pay with ACH or wire transfer 🏦
    Notion now also supports invoiced payment via ACH or wire transfer.

  • GDPR ready 🇪🇺
    We are making a few changes in preparation for GDPR. We updated our Terms and Privacy Policy in accordance with the new GDPR regulations.

Bug Fixes

  • We improved our markdown exporter to reference databases, and export them as a CSV in the same folder.

  • We fixed a bug where embedded YouTube videos would incorrectly show a "Download" action on iOS

  • Previously, selecting multiple checkbox cells in a table and pressing would toggle all visible checkboxes in the table.

  • Clicking a link to one of our marketing pages inside the desktop app would navigate to it within the app, causing you to have to log in again.

  • We fixed a bug where you couldn't drag bulleted list items onto a calendar.

  • We fixed a bug where embedding a Gist link would incorrectly show "Link to Page" as an option.

  • Previously, clicking an embedded file in the Mac app would open the link in your web browser, instead of downloading it.

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