April 12, 2018

Features & Improvements

  • Better spellcheck language support on the Mac/Windows app ✍️
    *It will take a moment to update your app in the background. So you might not get the new menu right away.
    We rebuilt the spellchecker from the ground up for better language detection. For those of you that type in multiple languages, it should now translate seamlessly between them.

  • New Page shortcut on Desktop 🎹
    Finally, we've also changed the Command/Ctrl+N shortcut to create a new document and are now using Command/Ctrl+Shift+N for creating a new window.

  • New shortcut to create inline links 🎹
    Just like in Google Docs, when you have text selected, use Command/Ctrl+K to create an inline link. Quick Find is now mapped to Command/Ctrl + P, just like in Slack.

  • Open in Mac / Windows / iOS App 🦋
    If you're in a Notion page in your browser, you can use the "..." menu to open that page in your Native app.

  • Code Block wrapped text option 💻
    You can now wrap lines of code in your text blocks. Y'all have been asking for this one for a long time.

Bug Fixes

  • QuickFind will open up toggle blocks when you search for something inside.

  • Better PDF export that avoids page breaks in the middle of a block.

  • Fixed a bug where you could "Move to..." a page into a child page.

  • Chinese word count didn't work as expected.

  • Fixed the "Chat with us!" button on mobile Chrome.

  • Better mobile rendering performance.

  • Allow disconnecting Asana and Trello accounts.

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