Notion 2.0 🌈

Today we are launching Notion 2.0 – and yes, we've got tables!

In all honesty, the 2.0 is the real 1.0 for us. We added tables, Kanban boards, and calendars. Along with the existing notes and wiki features, Notion can finally deliver on the "all-in-one workspace" promise. We think you'll love it!

Features & Improvements

  • Tables with the power of a database πŸ—ƒ

    Yep. Notion finally has tables! They're powered by a database behind the scenes, so you can customize each column with different content types: single/multi-select, due date, file attachment, checkbox, assignee...

    And now for the best part: each table row is a stand-alone Notion page, allowing you add additional content. For example, attach meeting notes to a customer in your CRM table. Or, embed design specs into a product roadmap table. It's a unique marriage of databases and documents.

  • Kanban boards like Trello πŸ“

    We've also got real Kanban boards in Notion. Just like the tables, you can sort and filter however you like. It's a full-powered project manager.

  • 1-click import from Trello, Asana, and CSV 🚚

    Migrating over from old tools? We built a smart import for you. It automatically converts your content into the right database format, and even imports your old comments and attachments! You'll find the Import button in your left sidebar.

  • Calendars with date range support πŸ“…

    You can also easily turn your tables into calendar, and display custom properties like tags and assignees. It's great for editorial calendars or product roadmaps.

  • Sort, filter, and custom views - all the power of a database πŸ€–

    Behind the scenes, Notion 2.0 is a database on top of your notes and wikis. It's great for organizing large records of things (e.g. hiring candidates, bugs & feature requests). We are launching with table, board, and calendar as views for your records, with full sorting and filtering power – just like a database.

  • Single and multi-select tags 🍱
    Create color-coded tags for any record using the single or multi-select property. You can use them to sort and filter pages however you'd like.
    If you want to use tags to organize your pages, I recommend checking out our new 'Notes & Drafts' template. (Pro tip: you can drag your old pages into a new database).

  • All of this works on your phone!

    As always, please message us if you notice any bugs or have any feedback. We read and reply to every message πŸ‘Œ

Bug Fixes

  • An issue with typing in Japanese/Korean sometimes freezing up your Mac app.

  • And so many more, boy, where do we start.... πŸ™ˆ

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