March 12, 2018

Features & Improvements

  • Redesigned iOS App and Mobile Web UI. 👌

    We completely redesigned all of the menus in both the iOS app and the mobile web application. They now look a lot more like native menus, and feel a lot better too. The Android web experience is improved as well.

  • Brand new template picker 🎆

    We redesigned the template picker, so you can now try them out before you create them in your workspace.

  • Saved Quick Find results.
    Quick Find remembers your last search, making it easier to jump around and select different results.

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent push notifications from being triggered while you're editing a page.

  • We fixed an issue where Gist embeds would appear to be broken while loading

  • Previously, if you pasted a link into inline code, it would be parsed as a link and underlined.

  • We fixed an issue where users could receive an email after receiving a push notification.

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