February 8, 2018

Features & Improvements

  • Desktop In-Page-Search 🔍
    You can now use ⌘+F (Ctrl+F on Windows) to search for text in the Desktop app, just like you would in Chrome.

  • The Slack integration is back! 🦋
    Lots of you guys were asking us about this. Go to the updates menu on any page and we will send all updates on that page and all sub-pages to the Slack channel of your choice.

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent push notifications from being triggered while you're editing a page.

  • Small issue with the Evernote importer.

  • The iOS app wouldn't let you decline Google Contacts permission.

  • Render Markdown as a divider when pasting into Notion.

  • Fixed a bug where a red banner would briefly flash when deleting a page.

  • Fixed an issue where turning a page into a header would sometimes create aliased pages below.

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