January 22, 2018

Features & Improvements

  • Comment-only access 👨‍🏫
    You guys have been asking for this for a long time! Now you can now give people permission to comment on a page without the ability to edit the page content.

  • Simpler share menu 💌
    We redesigned the share menu to simplify a page's permission settings, and made it easier to quickly toggle permissions on and off.
    We also added some helpful tooltips that describe how page permissions work.

  • You can now change the email associated with your account
    Another popular request. You can now change your email within the "My Account" tab of settings.

  • Improved text editing behavior 🔤
    We made a bunch of improvements to text editing within Notion! It is now easier to type into inline code, and auto-tokenization (like — and →) are now undoable. See if you can spot them all!

  • Smoother drag and drop on the iOS app

  • Removed the "phantom" notification red dot on Mac apps 🔴

  • "Shared" section in sidebar now works differently
    Now you have to visit other workspaces as a guest to view pages that are shared with you.

Bug Fixes

  • Code blocks scroll horizontally if a line is very long.

  • Now it is possible to click links to deleted pages in the updates menu.

  • iPhone is now restricted to portrait mode – it didn't work well before 😅

  • We improved embeds for Twitter and Github Gists.

  • .... many other little bugs

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