November 2, 2016

Features & Improvements

  • 1.5x Speedup! 🏁 🚗
    For this release, we worked hard to slim down and speed up everything in the app. The end result is that pages load 1.5x faster, and everything should feel zippier overall. We're also working on a few other major speed improvements, to be launched in the near future.

  • Date Block
    The Date block now defaults to the current date.

Bug Fixes

  • Windows and Linux keyboard shortcuts.
    We fixed a few keyboard shortcuts in Windows and Linux.

  • Moving an uploader during upload.
    Before, if you moved an uploader while it was uploading, the upload would get canceled. 😰

  • Full screen video embeds.
    We fixed an issue that prevented video embeds from going full screen.

  • Copy page link button.
    Sometimes, the copy page link button didn't work in Chrome.

  • Mac app syncing.
    We fixed an issue where changes made in the Mac app would occasionally sync out of order.

  • Import.
    Sometimes, our importer threw an error when it didn't know the file type.

  • Case sensitive emails. ✉️
    After a few complaints about mistyped email addresses, we decided to remove case sensitivity from our emails.

  • Popups going off of the screen.
    We fixed an issue where discussion popups would sometimes go off of the screen, especially viewed with phone.

  • Stuck open hover menu.
    Previously, the menu that opens when you hover over a block would sometimes get stuck.

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