October 7, 2016

Features & Improvements

  • Date format.
    You can now choose how Date blocks are displayed. You can go American-style 🇺🇸, European-style 🇪🇺, or even Canadian-style 🇨🇦.

  • Images and videos are always left-aligned inside lists.
    Now if you upload an image or video inside a bulleted list or to-do list, it will always be left-aligned.

Bug Fixes

  • Scrolling during drag & drop.
    Before, drag & drop-triggered scrolling was unreliable, especially in your left sidebar.

  • Logout, again. 😅
    Before, the logout button didn't work if you had certain browser plugins or ad blockers installed. (This is a tricky one – message us if it still doesn't work for you).

  • Jittery buttons in Safari.
    Before, a lot of buttons, such as the To-do checkbox, jittered when you hovered over them. 🐷

  • **Cmd/Ctrl + n to create new pages in the desktop app.
    Before, sometimes it said you didn't have access to the new page.

  • Billing address when upgrading to Pro.
    Before, your credit card could be declined since we didn't ask for your billing address.

  • "..." button in the hover menu.
    Before, that button might not respond to click if you clicked too fast.

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