September 25, 2016

Features & Improvements

  • Version history.
    You folks have been asking for this since day one! Now, as you make changes, we periodically save versions of your pages. You can click on History in the top bar to browse and restore to old versions.
    Free users are limited to 3 days of version history.

  • @Mention people and pages.
    You can now type @ to mention a person or page inline. The mentioned person (if it's not yourself) will also receive an email notification.

  • Much, much better Slack notifications.
    Now, our slack notifications show you what changed within a page.

  • 20% faster load times. 🚗
    Performance is still a high priority. We were able to squeeze out about 20% faster load times for this release by optimizing our JavaScript. A lot more to come!

  • Better Comments. 💬
    We redesigned commenting with your feedback in mind. The icon no longer overlaps with your text, and it shows the last person who added a comment.

  • Rich text copy & paste.
    You can now copy and paste rich text between blocks. Try it out!

Bug Fixes

  • Use email login for Google emails.
    Before, we automatically redirected you to log in with Google. We got a lot of complaints about this, so we decided to allow you to log in with email.

  • Dragging a page from the toolbox into your sidebar.
    Before, this didn't work 😥

  • macOS Sierra Safari.
    Dragging was broken in macOS Sierra Safari.

  • Saving your selection when you navigate.
    Keyboard users: now, when you navigate back and forth, your block selection is preserved.

  • Broken logout button.
    Before, the logout button sometimes didn't work, and could be blocked by some browser plugins.

  • Inviting a person from email.
    Before, the popup did now allow you to set Edit-only access.

  • Help & Feedback popup.
    Before, the sidebar could close when the popup was open.

  • Dragging in images in Safari from your desktop.
    Before, this didn't work on the first try..

  • Pasting to Google Docs
    Before, pasting to Google Docs didn't preserve bold.

  • Clicking in the bottom of a column.
    Before, text was sometimes not inserted.

  • Better mobile emails.
    Before, the text was way too small! 😭

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