September 18, 2016

Features & Improvements

  • Email (non-Google) login. 💌
    We get asked for this one every day, but we didn't want to rush it, because we wanted our solution to be simple and secure.
    When you log in using email, we generate a temporary, secure password and send it to your inbox. You can either paste in the password, or simply click with the "magic" link in the email.

  • Advanced permission options (Pro feature). 🔒
    You can now choose between Full Access (can edit, and invite others), and Edit-only (can edit, but not invite others). Useful for larger teams.

  • Account settings.
    Update your name and profile photo.

  • Color names for our colorblind users. 🌈
    We added tooltips to show the name of each color.

  • New Mac app shortcuts. 🎹
    Press command+n (control+n on windows) to create a new page to the bottom of your current page.
    Press command+f (control+f on windows) to open search.

  • Plain text mode for Code blocks.

Bug Fixes

  • Click below columns to insert text.
    Before, it's really hard to insert the text cursor below columns. Bad text editing experience. 😓

  • Shift click to select blocks in between.
    Before, shift click won't select the blocks in between.

  • Logout.
    Before, sometimes logout doesn't work, especially with certain browser plugins.

  • /Slash command menu position.
    Before, the menu could sometimes overflow off of the screen.

  • Shift + Enter.
    Before, pressing shift + enter to insert a new line within a Text block sometimes didn't work on the first try.

  • Delete key.
    Now, if you press delete at the beginning of a Text block with content inside, the content will be inserted below.

  • Automatic link converter.
    We made the link converter a bit less aggressive.

  • Flashing green banner.
    Before, the "add the current space to sidebar" green banner sometimes flashed in and out when you first created a page.

  • ... and tons more. We fixed a lot of bugs in this release. 🐞🙅

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