September 9, 2016

Features & Improvements

  • Import is finally here! ✨
    You can now mass import from .markdown, .html, .docx. Check out the guide below on how to migrate from Evernote, Google Docs, Quip, Dropbox Paper, and other popular tools.
    Importing Guide
    It's a beta feature, so message us if you run into any issues.

  • Faster Mac app.
    Before the Mac could get slow if you left running for a long time. (There was a memory leak, in nerd speak 🤓). We worked hard to tackle this problem – so now it's always fresh and fast.

  • Keyboard shortcuts for navigation.
    Ctrl/Command + [or ] back or forward in history.
    Ctrl/Command + u to go up a page.
    Check out all of our shortcuts here:

  • "Why Notion" page.
    Want to know how typewriters, Steve Jobs, and computer pioneers relate to why we built Notion? Read it here.

  • Rich text and Markdown copy/paste.
    If you paste out to a rich text editor like Google Docs, your bold and italics will remain rich text. If you paste out to a plain text editor, we'll intelligently convert them to Markdown.

Bug Fixes

  • Code block.
    Before, the code block required two clicks to edit. No more! 🤖

  • Web Bookmark block.
    Before, the web bookmark block didn't automatically get selected when you create it.

  • Template Button block.
    Before, when you created an item with the template button it wouldn't get automatically selected.

  • Markdown export with Numbered List.
    Before, our markdown exporter didn't render numbered lists properly.

  • And little bug fixes here and there. Thank you all for the tips! 👍

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