August 15, 2016

Features & Improvements

  • Mass export as Markdown
    Exporting the current page and all the sub pages in one shot!

  • Get the current page link in the Share menu.
    Previously, there wasn't an easy way to get the URL of the current page if you are on the Mac app. Now it's in the Share menu.

  • Strikethrough Markdown shortcut (~).
    Now, when you surround text in '~', it creates striked text. Try it out!

Bug Fixes

  • Improved syncing of very large edits.
    Before, large edits were sometimes rejected by our server (and you'd see a "Saving" spinner for a long time). 🙅

  • Image width can overflow in layout.
    We fixed an issue where images in section could be resized to overflow the column they are in.

  • Signup blank screen.
    Occasionally, new users would see a blank screen after sign up. ☹️

  • Can't comment on Code block
    The syntax select was blocking the comment button.

  • Code block with Java syntax.
    It was straight up busted before 🤓

  • Breadcrumb block on mobile.
    Before, the breadcrumb block would break the pages on mobile.

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