August 4, 2016

Features & Improvements

  • We made it easier to insert text at the bottom of the page.
    Now, when you click near the bottom or top of the page, it will insert an empty text block, just like your favorite text editor.

  • More robust syncing and offline support.

  • Online / Offline indicator 🚥
    We created a visual indicator that shows when you are offline or currently syncing with our server.

  • Pressing enter on Divider creates a new text block below.

  • Ctrl+E goes to the end of the line being edited.

Bug Fixes

  • Drag handle blocking the column resize handle.
    Before, when you tried to resize a column, the little blue handle could be blocked by a nearby drag handle – very frustrating indeed 😓

  • Converting links to Bookmark & Embeds on paste.
    Before, there was a bug that prevented this from working the first time.

  • Duplicating a block does not duplicate its comments.

  • Navigating away when you delete a page in your sidebar.

  • Pasting multiple lines in a comment.
    Before, it pasted the extra lines into the document.

  • Pressing shift and selecting text now selects blocks.
    Before, the selection stayed within the text block being edited.

  • No more tokenization of mailto: links.
    Who uses them anyway? 😛

  • Less annoying tutorial.
    We fixed a bug where if you never finished the tutorial, you could see it more than once.

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