July 27, 2016

Features & Improvements

  • A brand new editor. 🎉🎉 📝 🎉🎉
    We made some big changes to our editor! Our goal was to make it feel more like a familiar text editor, without sacrificing our awesome drag and drop magic.

    • A better way to rearrange. ✋
      When you hover over a block, a small, unobtrusive indicator appears, making it easy to drag anything. You can still drag directly on objects like images and pages.

    • Highlight text like you're used to. 🖌
      Text highlighting now works more like your favorite text editor. Just click and drag to select many blocks from within text.

    • Quickly add new content anywhere, without the Toolbox.
      Hovering over blocks also reveals a new menu that makes it easy to add new blocks, without needing to use the toolbox.

  • Column & media resizing.
    Columns are now resized by selecting the block and using the resize handles at the bottom left and right.

  • Download Notion for Mac (preview) 🍰🍰🍰
    The Mac app is now open to all users. The download link is near the bottom of your left sidebar. It's a preview release – please do message us if you noticed any issues. 🤗

Bug Fixes

  • Clicking a link in an embed in the desktop app opens your default browser.
    Before, it opened a popup in the desktop app.

  • Page titles in the Add menu.
    It is now possible to add a Page title from within the add menu, as well as via a slash command.

  • Control+K to remove a word.
    Before, this shortcut didn't work.

  • Configure Popup
    Before, the create button and dropdown configure popups didn't render properly.

  • And a lot of little bugs are gone... 🐞

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