June 7, 2016

Features & Improvements

  • Slash /commands magic (inspired by Slack) 💥💥💥
    Love the /commands in Slack? They are even more powerful in Notion. You can quickly add a comment, turn a section into a page, and more – they're like superpowers for your keyboard.

  • Insert from anywhere, no drag & drop required. 👍
    Drag & drop is nice, but sometimes you just want Notion to work like good' old Google Docs. Now you can with the new insert button.

  • Smart link conversion. 🌊
    When pasting in a link, we'll gently prompt you to convert it to a Web Bookmark or Embed – it's now easier than ever to create your team reading list, or add that funny YouTube video.

  • Revamped typography (inspired by iA Writer.)
    Nitti is our new monospaced font, tailored for writing (it's also the primary font in iA Writer). Lyon is our sans-serif beauty. If you are a typography nerd like us, this will feel like Christmas. 🎄

  • View images in full resolution. 🌠

Bug Fixes

  • Cyrillic search (effective June 8, US West Coast time).
    Before, you couldn't search in Russian and other Cyrillic scripts.

  • Cyrillic serif font.
    Before, the serif font showed weird characters for Cyrillic scripts.

  • Print/PDF Export.
    Before, exported PDFs sometimes had a black background, and were half cut off. (Shameful, we know 😓).

  • European language support.
    Before, languages like Czech and Romanian had missing characters.

  • Mac/Windows system editing shortcuts.
    Before, there was no support for shortcuts like Option + Backspace to delete a word on Mac.

  • Real-time collaboration avatars.
    Before, sometimes your collaborators' avatars didn't show up.

  • Cropped image height. 🖼
    Before, really large images could be cropped off.

  • Autoplay updated videos.
    Before, the uploaded video would autoplay in the background. (Very annoying 💩).

  • Person block.
    Before, it didn't show results when you typed in the exact email address.

  • ... and so many other bugs, we literally lost count... 😑

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