May 24, 2016

Features & Improvements

  • Full Screen for Images, Videos, and Embeds. 🌠
    To view as full screen, just double-click the block, or click "Full Screen" when the block is selected.

    It works nicely with Google Docs/Sheet embed. A full screen editing experience 💪

  • Editor always shows the "grabby-hand". 👋
    We tweaked how the editor looks. It now always shows the "grabby-hand" cursor (to remind you that everything in Notion is draggable.)
    Do let us know if you like or dislike this change. You can message us from your left sidebar -> Help & Feedback. We're all ears. 🙂

  • TeX Equations. 💯
    All you math nerds and college kids, we heard your requests. You can now create beautiful mathematical equations using TeX!

  • Landing Page. 🎉
    We created a beautiful new landing page. Check it out here!

Bug Fixes

  • Safari bugs. 🐞
    We spent a lot of time this release getting Safari to play nicely with Notion.

  • Mobile narrow page width.
    Before, sometimes your page would look very narrow on mobile.

  • Smoother loading. 🐬
    We fixed an issue where pages would sometimes flash into view.

  • Accidental Log-outs.
    Before, it was possible to be logged out during a large edit.

  • Search improvements.
    We fixed an issue where search would sometimes not show a loading indicator.

  • Emoji Picker. 😃
    Before, the Emoji picker styling was broken.

  • Korean Language Input.
    Before, typing in Korean didn't work.

  • Block shift shortcuts.
    There was a minor bug with our block shift shortcuts.

  • ... and many other bugs we are sure you will not notice. 😓

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