May 3, 2016

Features & Improvements

  • Snap-to-grid resizing. 🖼
    Image, embed, and columns now support resizing. They will automatically snap to a grid, sort of like LEGOs. It's now easier than ever to make beautiful pages.

  • Font styles + alignment.
    Want to use Notion as a minimal writing tool? Or publish a page with handsome typography? Without losing the simplicity of the product, we carefully added two more font styles.

  • Colors! 🚗🚕🚙
    No more fiddling with the color picker! We hand-picked a couple dozen great colors for you. We made sure they always look nice no matter what.

  • Borderless embeds.
    Videos and other embeds no longer have those ugly borders. See how great this looks: 👀
    la taqueria

  • Section heading styles.
    You can now independently change the font size and color of section headings. We also got rid of the old subsection block.

  • Smarter Slack notifications.
    We made slack notifications less noisy than before. Now, they only fire after you complete a time-based chunk of work on a page.

  • 20+% faster. 🐬
    We vastly improved the rendering engine in Notion. Load times and animations are noticeably snappier.

  • Breadcrumb block.
    The breadcrumb can now be used as a standalone block, useful for public read-only pages.

Bug Fixes

  • Keyboard shortcuts in Safari.
    Before, the undo and copy/paste keyboard shortcuts were broken.

  • Bookmark block in Safari.
    Before, you couldn't paste out the link.

  • File and image block.
    Before, the upload occasionally didn't work the first time.

  • Sidebar during renaming.
    Before, the left sidebar could close itself when you are renaming a page.

  • Copying large pages.
    Before, if you copied a very, very large page the app could freeze up.

  • Link auto-complete.
    Before it was overly aggressive when turning your text into links. 🐯

  • Remove a comment.
    Before you couldn't remove a comment from a discussion.

  • ... and many other bugs we are sure you will notice 😸

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