April 12, 2016

Features & Improvements

  • Everything is twice as fast. 🏁
    For this release, we really focused on improving the performance of Notion, especially for larger pages. Loading is about 20% faster, and editing and dragging twice as fast! 🤘

  • Slack notifications.
    Slack integration is finally here! With just a few clicks, you can connect any page with a Slack channel, and receive updates when your teammates modify or comment on that page (or any of its sub pages).

  • Inline code and code block.
    For Mac users, we changed to a better font. Also, the tab space is now two instead four, so you can pack more in a single line. 💾

Bug Fixes

  • Empty read-only pages.
    Before, some read-only pages could show up as blank screens.

  • Inline code.
    Before, if you pressed backspace after an inline code, it could "stick" to your cursor.

  • Image width.
    Before, an image could sometimes stretch beyond its own width.

  • Delete key with undo.
    Before, if you pressed the Delete key the end of a line and undo afterwards, funny things would happen. 🌚

  • "Untitled" in the URL.
    Before, pages without titles had "Untitled" in the URL.

  • The "link" button inside the Share menu.
    Before, you could get incorrect links.

  • Paste into comments.
    Before, you couldn't paste into a comment.

  • Loading spinner.
    Before, the loading spinner could be off-centered. 🙈

  • Up/down arrow keys in the right-click menu.
    Before it could get stuck.

  • ... and many, many smaller bugs... 🐜

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