March 31, 2016

Features & Improvements

  • Pretty URLs.
    Check your browser address bar above👆. Now all URLs prefix with the page title. Easier for you to share them in email and Slack and knowing which link is which.

  • Add a comment thread to any block.
    So many of you have been asking for this: now select a block and click the Comment button, it will attach a comment thread to that block. So easy to have a great discussion with your team! 🐭 🐱

  • Upload and embed PDFs and videos.
    The Embed block can now directly upload and preview a PDF or video in your page.

  • Double-click to insert cursor.
    Double-click anywhere to quickly insert cursor to the nearest block, like an old school text editor 🕰

  • Left sidebar highlights the current page.

Bug Fixes

  • Inserted characters ordering.
    Before the typed characters could be out of order occasionally.

  • Left sidebar drag + scroll.
    Before if you have a lot of pages in your left sidebar, and you drag one page and trigger the automatic scrolling, you might have seen something funky 👽

  • Domain-based sharing with empty domain.
    Before you could domain-share content with an empty domain.

  • Bottom "gap" on read-only pages.
    Before there was a big empty space at the bottom of read-only pages.

  • Link to a block in read-only pages.
    Before it only work when logged in.

  • Print and PDF export.
    Before some UI menus were included in the export.

  • Web Bookmark & Embed blocks.
    Before they looked bad in darker background 👹

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