March 28, 2016

Features & Improvements

  • Link to a block.
    You can now share a link to any block inside a page. Right-click a block to see it!

  • Bookmark button.
    Now it's at the top. Clicking it will add the current page to your left sidebar.

  • "What's New" link + update.
    In the left sidebar, it now shows the last updated time.

  • Better copy for "No Access" page. 🔒
    If your collaborators land on a private page, we will prompt them to log in.

  • On mobile, side-by-side columns will collapse into a single column.

  • Placeholder content for the Toggle block.

  • Shortcut for Section
    Before it was just # . Now it is # followed by a space.

Bug Fixes

  • Vastly better text rendering on Windows. 💯
    Before the text anti-aliasing was very bad if you use Windows (especially for Chinese characters). We made a big effort to ensure it's always pretty – no child left behind.

  • Prevent nested drag & drop.
    Before you could drop a block into itself in some weird cases (I know, Inception 😱). Now you can't anymore.

  • Inline link within Notion.
    Before it always opened a new tab. Now it will navigate in the same tab if it's a Notion link.

  • Dropped blocks ordering.
    Before they could sometimes be in the reversed order after you drop.

  • Date block.
    Before we sometimes showed not just the date, but the hours, and it could look quite funky in smaller sizes.

  • Subsection is now inside "Turn Into".
    We forgot about this one before.

  • ... and quite a few cosmetic changes 💅

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