Soil Organic Carbon Protocol Comparison (including RND) by Environmental Defense Fund

Where do we chat and organize?

Check out this list of social platforms that Regen Network uses:

Social Platforms Who/What is there Why you’d go there How to join
Discord methodology developers, registry team members, science team members, validators, grant recipients, governance, varied community members and stakeholder Ask questions! Want to know if others are working on something similar? Want to share a cool article? Want to see if others are experiencing similar challenges? Join our Discord channel and sub channels by clicking on the invite link here: (need to download Discord App or use as browser)
Twitter climate policy, science, blockchain, carbon markets, developers, refi, hiring, community members and stakeholders voicing opinions sharing content Follow current conversations and community happenings such as Twitter Spaces, radio-style conversational events. Create a Twitter account and follow orgs of your choosing! If you’d like to be able to speak on Twitter spaces, you’ll need to join from mobile.
Commonwealth REGEN token holders, validators, engaged web3 Regen community members For signaling and sharing proposals and building consensus on a proposal Participate by engaging with the different proposals on the forum; need $REGEN for voting.
Hylo Ecocredit explorers, scientists, land stewards, folks looking for help and engaging in community building and problem solving around specific topics To join Regen Registry co-working group on nature based solutions, Ecocredits, Credit Classes and methodology development Visit our page, you can request to join groups individually. If you are interested in organizing a new group, let Regen Registry know.
Instagram Land-based groups, conservation orgs, To keep up to date with RND and partners’ happenings Create an instagram account and follow Regen Network

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