Initialize (create) a new Reflekt project.

reflekt init --project-dir .  # Create Reflekt project in current folder

Enter your project name (letters, digits, underscore): test_project
# Follow the prompts. Creates Reflekt project and reflekt_config.yml
11:43:26 Your Reflekt project 'test_project' has been created!

With reflekt, you can:

    reflekt new --name <plan-name>
        Create a new tracking plan, defined as code.

    reflekt pull --name <plan-name>
        Get tracking plan from Analytics Governance tool and convert it to code.

    reflekt push --name <plan-name>
        Sync tracking plan code to Analytics Governance tool. Reflekt handles conversion.

    reflekt test --name <plan-name>
        Test tracking plan code for naming and metadata conventions (defined in reflect_project.yml).

    reflekt dbt --name <plan-name>
        Template dbt package with sources, models, and docs for all events in tracking plan.

Available arguments

reflekt init --help
Usage: reflekt init [OPTIONS]

  Create a Reflekt project at the provide directory.

  --project-dir TEXT  Path where Reflekt project will be created. Defaults to
                      current directory.  [required]
  --help              Show this message and exit.

Follow along - reflekt init

reflekt init.mp4