<aside> ✨ Interested in joining a circle? We are inviting top founders from across Climate, DEIJ & DeSci to join peers on a shared mission by forming a founder-led support circle. This cohort of Founders Circles run for 8 weeks starting on 1st November and concluding on December 20 after Gitcoin GR16.

This is a low-time, high-impact commitment towards growth.

☀️ Last cohort (FC01) We supported 72 founders across 11 circles for 10 weeks concluding with Gitcoin GR15. The 36 founders with active grants earned $9k more than the average Gitcoin grant, raising a total of $423k.


<aside> 🔑 Applications now CLOSED

Applications closed on October 25 @ 23:59 UTC.

We are at capacity, late applications will not be accepted. Next cohort will be Q1 or Q2 2023.

If you’ve been accepted enter here: ‣


<aside> ⛰️ Core Facilitators

Daryl Edwards

Maximilian Hachtmann

→ Reach out for all questions!


🤝 Commitments ReFi DAO makes

As much as you give, we try to give back in return. These gifts come in various forms.

<aside> 📸 Feature in ReFi DAO comms


<aside> ✨ Invite to exclusive events


<aside> 💸 GR16 grant support


<aside> 👨🏻‍🚀 Mentor matching with veteran founders


<aside> 🧧 Participation in The Gift Economy


<aside> 📟 Intros to ReFi Investors


👨🏾‍🚀 Commitments Founders make

Founders Circles tend to meet for one hour per week. It’s a low-time, high-impact commitment.

<aside> 🧧 Give first


<aside> ✅ Show up every week


<aside> 🎉 Celebrate success!


<aside> 🐦 Share what you learn


<aside> ✨ Build in the open


<aside> 💃 Have fun


<aside> 🌱 Guiding Principles

  1. Regeneration begins within 🧘🏽
  2. Regeneration for all 🌍
  3. Be fully present 👀
  4. Embrace uncertainty 🔮
  5. Trust and allow others to support you ✨ </aside>


⭕️ Access to Circles

<aside> 👩‍🚀 Once you have been accepted, you will get access to the deeper pages of this Notion workspace. You’ll be able to see which Circle you are assigned to, who else is in this cohort, and what steps to take next.

If you have been accepted, you’ll see a link to a page called “Accepted Founders”.

If you don’t, it’s because you either haven’t been accepted, or you haven’t logged into your notion account with the associated email.


📆 Calendar

🌱 Applied Founders

🌳 Applied Projects

🌳 Public Projects DB [FCO2]