This is a toolkit for anyone who wants to build a ReFi Local Node as apart of the emerging regenerative economy. A ReFi Local Node is a community that meets regularly to learn, experiment and implement ReFi tools and solutions on the ground with the aim of building a local regenerative society in their country, city, town, or village. It is rooted in a specific place with a long-term commitment to regeneration.

Table of Contents

Guides 📚

Each of these guides are designed to help leaders of local nodes achieve a specific outcome in their community. Anyone contributing to a Local Node can contribute a guide.

This is a living document that is designed to respond to the needs of the network as it evolves over time.


What is a ReFi Local Node?

How to start a local node in your community

How to fundraise on Gitcoin

How to fundraise on Giveth


How to run an amazing local event

How to promote your local node events

How to host an activation station

How to capture great content from your events

How to use Tonglen Meditation to Open Your Event

How to host an AI storytelling workshop

Celo Guides

How to run a Celo-sponsored event?

Celo x ReFi - Event Presentation and Workshop Ideas