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Reddit is an American discussion website where users can ask questions and get relevant answers from other community users. And all the answers are not explained in text format, so you get solutions to your queries in detail in the form of images or videos. Reddit is not like YouTube that you have only videos; you will get text, images, and videos all in one post or page. So if you found a helpful video or a funny video, then you can download it for later offline access. Find out How to Download Reddit Videos within a minute in the below tutorial.

To Download Reddit videos, you need not purchase any kind of software or app on your PC or smartphone. You can use our free service called RVDL – Reddit Video Downloader that gives free access to download high-quality videos from Reddit.

If you are only concerned about the audio from the Reddit videos, our Reddit Audio Downloader lets you do it easily. See how to download Reddit Audio.

Download Reddit Videos – Quick Steps

Step 1: Open the Reddit Video post or page you want to download.

Step 2: Copy the Post or Page URL from the address bar.

Step 3: Open a new tab and go to

Step 4: In the URL or address bar, paste the video URL and click Download button.

Step 5: Select the Resolution and tap the Download button.

Step 6:  Congratulations! you have successfully downloaded the Reddit video.

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