2013: I spent 8 weeks instead of 2 on the hex grid guide, and there's still so much I could add. All potential additions and changes will go on this trello card. However I'm not guaranteeing that I'll work on these. I just don't want to lose them.

2015: I wrote the procedural hex code generator, and also updated some of the diagrams on the hex grid page

2018: I spent 7 weeks to rewrite all the code, improve diagrams, and make new diagrams, and then added doubled coordinates:

2021: I spent 1 week to change code to use q,r,s instead of x,z,y, and also change many sections to treat axial and cube together instead of focusing primarily on cube coordinates. Now treating axial and cube as essentially the same system, but cube stores s preemptively and axial calculates s as needed.